Tourism Policy

Even today, tourism policy very often is seen location policy. In too many cases it stops at the city or national border: wine regions in South Africa fiercely compete against each other for the attention of travellers and ministers of small countries in the Caribbean outbid each other in attracting tourism investments.

This kind of mentality is unreasonable within the globally intertwined tourism sector. From a developmental perspective, it is even dangerous:  unchecked tourism growth does not only accelerate global warming, it also increases global competition for the cheapest labour and the reckless exploitation of resources and culture. We strive for stricter regulation of tourism on the pathway towards sustainability. Local people must actively participate in planning and decision-making processes in tourism.

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The Invisible Burden of Tourism

Many holiday regions do not record the real costs of tourism. Often the expenses are even higher than the income from tourism.

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Dominican Republic: On track to resilience?

Local operators want to make tourism in Dominican Samaná more resilient. But the government still bets on mass tourism

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Maldives: Island State in Debt

Tourism once lifted the Maldives out of poverty. But the country’s debts have been growing faster than the economy, and climate change threatens the

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Cape Verde: Barriers between the islands

Cape Verde's dependence on the travel sector has been its downfall since the pandemic. Diversifying the economy is a must, but domestic transport is

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Junge spielt Fußball in Peru

Peru: Child Protection in Informal Accomodations

The restart of tourism raises concerns about the effects on children, because the tourism sector is rapidly expanding and – to some degree – in new

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Vietnamesische Kinder beim Lernen

Vietnam: Connecting Child Protection and Sustainability

The pandemic has increased the vulnerability of children in Vietnam. High time for the tourism industry to include the protection of children in

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Mensch zählt Geld

Advancing Child Protection in Tourism

Covid-19 derailed momentum in the protection of children from sexual exploitation, but the restart in tourism also offers opportunities.

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Madagaskar Boot auf Fluss

Progress for Women in Tourism in Madagascar

While gender inequalities persist in Madagascar, women are increasingly free to choose their activities. The pandemic gave a boost to their

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Ausgebildete Managerin auf Barbados

Empowering Women in Caribbean Tourism

Krystal Yearwood of UNDP's future tourism project talks about the importance of women's empowerment to rebuilding Caribbean MSMEs in tourism after

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Paneldiskussion Informeller Sektor ITB 2022

Panel Discussion at ITB Convention 2022

Companies should not benefit from the vulnerability of people in the informal economy but act with due diligence to fulfil their responsibilities to

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Strand in Gambia

The Gambia: From Colonialism to Tourism

In 1965, The Gambia had just gained internal self-rule from Britain when the country was opened up to tourism, increasing its dependency.

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Afrobrasilianische Frau am Fenster bei Tag

Brasil: Postcolonial Bahia

Tourism in the Brazilian state of Bahia thrives on the cultural heritage of the Afro-Brazilian population. But instead of authentic culture, the

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Zaun aus Surfbrettern

Surf tourism worldwide

Travelling to surf becomes more and more popular. However, the way the sport is being practiced today is based on a colonial past whose power

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Bunt gestreifte Wand mit einem Mann davor

Europe: No more whitewashing

Baroque splendour makes Europe's metropolises a tourist magnet. What guests usually don't learn is that this prosperity is based on exploitation in

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Online seminar: United for vaccine justice worldwide!

Two international online seminar on vaccine equity were held and highlighted the need for more engagement from the tourism industry and also giving

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Woman looking through Telescope_Uganda

World Tourism Day 2021

Since 50 years, the international community celebrates World Tourism Day annually on September 27. We have compiled some statements and demands from

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Insel im Meer

No Long-Term Plan for Lakshadweep

A planned tourism project in the Indian Union Territory of Lakshadweep meets with resistance from both local people and the scientific community.

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Publication: "Rethink Single-Use Plastic Products in Travel & Tourism“

The United Nations Environment Programme and the World Travel & Tourism Council assess the impacts of plastic waste and provide implementation

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Strand-Fales auf Samoa

Tourism at 48°C

In many destinations, climate change puts the future of tourism at stake. Apart from mitigation, adaptation will be a major challenge.

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Bergbau im Jui-Tal, Rumänien

Tourism instead of coal in Romania

Romania is taking the chance for a sustainable transition away from coal - and gives the old coal fields in Jiu Valley a new economic significance

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Encouraging Sustainable Tourism Practices

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing destinations around the world to reshape their tourism strategies. This publication provides analysis and good

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Seminar: Precarious futures for gender equality in the post-COVID tourism world

In an online seminar, the International Transforming Tourism Initiative took a look at the consequences of COVID-19 on working conditions for women.

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Vaccination priorities for tourism?

The way out of the corona tourism crisis leads through the expansion of vaccine production and global solidarity in distribution.

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Junge Demonstrantin:Innen auf einer Klimademo

A question of vaccine justice

If COVID-19 vaccination becomes mandatory for participating in the UN Climate Conference, the Global South will lose a voice due to lacking access to

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“Act on Corporate Due Diligence in Supply Chains” passed the German Parliament

The “Act on Corporate Due Diligence in Supply Chains” passed the German Parliament on June, 11th, 2021.

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Hand mit Kompass

Sustainability Assessments in Tourism

Entrepreneurial and political decisions are often based on performance indicators. It is time to revise the existing success criteria for tourism.

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Tourism Declares

Interview with Kasia Morgan

The initiative Tourism Declares calls on the tourism industry to declare a climate emergency. Kasia Morgan explains, why climate protection is so

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Signposts point in different directions

Back to old routines or off to a better tourism?

ITB is a mirror of the current debates in the tourism world: Some promise to "build back better"; others try follow their old business paths.

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Cover Fair Reisen mit Herz und Verstand

Tourism Watch at ITB Berlin NOW 2021

This year's ITB Berlin, took place virtually from the 9 – 12 of March 2021. Tourism Watch participated with a virtual booth and own events.

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"Stop building back Tourism" – Interview with Albert Salman

In an interview with Jon Florin, Albert Salem, Dutch pioneer of tourism critiques and ambassador for tourism that serves the people in the

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Woman looking through Telescope_Uganda

Uganda: A game changer for women

Due to COVID-19, domestic tourism is moving into focus in many countries - also in Uganda. This strengthens women in the industry and promotes female

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Inlandstourismus_CBT_Thailand_Jaranya Daengnoy

Thailand: Emerging Stronger and Better

Tourism experts and entrepreneurs from Thailand explain how their country manages the COVID crisis, with a particular focus on community-based

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Study: A spotlight on ten climate-damaging subsidies in Germany

A new study by Greenpeace Germany shows how a reduction of climate-damaging subsidies in Germany could relieve the federal government budget by up to

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Video documentation on precariousness of work

The discussion, with various exciting contributions, was about the vulnerability and precariousness of workers in tourism. The COVID-19-Pandemic

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UNWTO Report: Understanding domestic tourism and seizing its opportunities

In the light of ongoing restrictions of international mobility due to COVID-19, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has published a report on domestic

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Video documentation on precariousness of work

With contributions from Brazil, the Gambia, Spain and the Philippines, the online seminar of the Transforming Tourism Initiative discussed the effects

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Video documentation on community resilience and tourism

Mit inspirierenden Beiträgen wurde im internationalen Online-Seminar der Transforming Tourism Initiative über alternative Tourismusmodelle im Hinblick

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Investors are concerned about the situation of migrant workers

Investors are taking an even closer look on what impact their investments have. Now a group of investors is concerned about reports of serious labor

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Policy Paper: Migrant Workers in the Tourism Industry

Das Center for Global Development hat einen zusammenfassenden Artikel über die Auswirkungen der Covid-19 Pandemie auf Arbeitsmigrant*innen in der

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Tourismusmitarbeiterin in Eingangshalle

Migrant Workers in Tourism in Times of Covid-19

In an interview with Tourism Watch, Christiane Kuptsch, migartion expert at ILO, explains why migrants working in tourism are particularly affected by

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Straßenreinigung durch indische Männer

From Empty Hand to Mouth

In India, the informal sector has been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. A study now provides insights into the extent of the precariousness and

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Demo - We the people

Women first

Women are predominant in tourism employment. But COVID-19 has revealed structural inequalities that are hitting female employees in the travel

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Safaripark Guards

Pandemic Poaching

Animal welfare activists, development workers and NGOs report that poaching is increasing again in times of pandemic lockdown. This could also be due

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World Heritage Watch Report 2020 released

While sustainable tourism is implicit in the idea of the World Heritage, unsustainable tourism is increasingly morphing into a threat to the sites.

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Resilienz durch gemeindebasierten Tourismus

Tourism As A Viable Livelihood?

Due to the corona-crisis, the tourism industry is facing enormous challenges. The pandemic shows which providers and entrepreneurs are more resilient

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Schild ,,we alle be okay - spread hope" an Eingangstür

Unsustainably Resilient?

Resilience is the new buzz word. It is more than just returning to the old tourism models - which were neither sustainable nor resilient - but to

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Empty Road in India

For a new and just economy in tourism

In many countries public programmes are trying to stabilize the tourism sector. Against the background of already existing problems of the sector, how

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The end of the global travel warning in Germany

While most European countries are about to re-start tourism, the German government extended the travel warning for countries of the Global South. What

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Interaction between tourists and members of a community-based-tourism project in Cambodia

Bridging the Digital Gap for Tourism Projects in Cambodia

Most community based tourism initiatives in rural Cambodia do not have the necessary skills and conceptual understanding of the digital revolution

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Schild auf Demo: Queer Liberation, not Rainbow Capitalism

Bon Voyage vs. Boycott

How can LGBTQI* tourism contribute to the rights of homo- and transsexuals in travel destinations? Reflections from Cambodia, Colombia and Saudi

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Gorilla im Baum

Encouraging Change

Homosexuality is a punishable offense in Uganda. A tour operator describes his efforts to fight homophobia and discrimination of LGBTQI* persons in

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Bunte Surfboards an einer Mauer

Precious Human Rights

Rika Jean-Francois is in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility at the ITB Berlin and on the Board of Directors of the International Gay & Lesbian

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Unite Here uionist protesting for LGBTQI* rights

Equality, Decent Work and Economic Justice for All

Unionist Cleve Jones explains in the interview, what kinds of discrimination LGBTQI* workers in the food and hospitality sector face every day and how

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Book Review: “Justice and Ethics in Tourism”

In her book Professor Tazim Jamal advocates for more attention relating to questions of justice and ethics in order to foster "good" tourism.

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Male City

The Dark Side of Life

For a long time, tourism in the Maldives was seen as a force for economic development. But today, only a c chosen few profit from the excessive

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Ati Stamm auf Boracay

Paradise lost, regained: sold!

In the Philippines, the indigenous Ati of Boracay Island struggle to defend their land rights against unfettered tourism development.

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San Group Namibia

Regaining Control Over Land Through Tourism?

Tourism could contribute to preserving the Sans' cultural identity and thus to strengthening their land rights in southern Africa.

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City of Peoples, City of Nations

In alternative exposure tours, Ir Amim shows how tourism attractions in East Jerusalem, such as the City of David, become politicized.

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Dossier Human Rights

Strengthening the Informal Economy in the Fight against Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism

In early June 2018, the International Summit on Child Protection in Travel and Tourism held in Bogota, Colombia offered an occasion to take stock of

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Dossier Human Rights

Using the growth of the cruise industry to get better working conditions aboard underway

Fabrizio Barcellona von der Internationalen Vereinigung der Transportarbeiter erläutert im Interview, inwieweit sich die Arbeitsbedingungen an Board

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Dossier Voluntourism

New Criteria for Voluntourism Projects in Southern Africa

While voluntourism has been gaining popularity, it has also come under increasing criticism. Fair Trade in Tourism has revised the criteria for

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Dossier Agenda 2030 and Tourism

The 2030 Agenda as a Frame of Reference for a Transformation in Tourism

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as a new frame of reference for the international community is designed to advance both sustainability and

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Different Standards for the "Dinosaurs": Interview with Dietmar Oeliger, NABU

Cruise ships pollute the air, especially in ports, with enormous amounts of exhaust fumes. In our interview, Dietmar Oeliger of the German "Nature and

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Travelling into an unknown future: 2050 – Tomorrow's Tourism

„2050 – Tomorrow's Tourism" by Ian Yeoman brims with enthusiasm, optimism and daring prophecies as his predictions are projected from today’s wealth,

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"I Can Make Choices"

Ella Mahlulo (40) is one out of many. She is one out of very many people in South Africawho have suffered in the past. But she is one out of not so

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"Schöne Ferien" für Tourismuskaufleute

Die Projektstelle zur Berufsschularbeit beim EPIZ Berlin hat eine neue Broschüre für die Ausbildung von Tourismuskaufleuten herausgegeben. Das

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Sun, Sand and Sustainable Tourism?

On Friday, 13th of March EED-Tourism Watch realized a presentation on Corporate Social Responsiblity in Practise under the title: "Sun, Sand and

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Tourism at the Crossroads

GATS - the General Agreement on Trade in Services - promotes world trade liberalisation. With the expansion from trade in commodities under GATT to

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