Travelling into an unknown future: 2050 – Tomorrow's Tourism

„2050 – Tomorrow's Tourism" by Ian Yeoman brims with enthusiasm, optimism and daring prophecies as his predictions are projected from today’s wealth, technology and resources. As a result, the consequences of global technology and income divides that will definitely persist beyond 2050 are paid scant attention. In 2050, for instance, if thrill-seeking Asian patrons go in for Amsterdam sex clubs serviced by android sex workers, the authenticity-seeking sex tourists are likely to exploit the booming sex industry in places like Myanmar. How long can a worldwhere half of the population (4.7 billion) is continually on the move at one time or another for fun and adventure sustain?

The developing world is likely to remain a developing world in 2050 and the tourism industry by and large will remain to be characterized by imbalanced power relations that mar the industry today. All in all, "2050 – Tomorrow’s Tourism" is a fun and fascinating read. Hopefully, by 2050, one can choose not to read such a book at all by getting the ideas from the book transmitted directly into his or her brain via the internet while sleeping as a sweet dream.

2050 – Tomorrow’s Tourism. By Ian Yeoman et al, Channel View Publications, Bristol, 2012. 258 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1845413026.