Environment and Climate

In many places of the world tourism actively contributes the protection of the environment: national parks in many places are financed by the income of tourists and biodiversity becomes an attractive selling point for destinations. Nevertheless: on a global scale, tourism consumes huge amounts of scarce natural resources - like water or energy - and produces mountains of rubbish from plastic bottles and food waste.

One long-haul return flight from Frankfurt to New York City alone exhausts more carbon than an average Indian citizen per year. Flying becomes an issue of global justice, since especially the poorest of the poor suffer from the climate crisis, while at the same time cannot afford the luxury of flying. We therefore support a kind of tourism that saves resources-and causes as little climate change as possible.


SDG 4: Education

Tourism can support education SDG 4 in many ways. Suyatri in the southern Indian state of Karnataka provides an example of how this can be done.

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SDG 13: Climate Action

The tourism industry scores poorly on climate SDG 13. Decarbonisation is slow. But it is possible, one scenario shows.

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Study: I am not a typical flyer

Research shows how people use strategies of moral disengagement to justify their flying behaviour.

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World Heritage Report: Tourism management of World Heritage Sites.

As examples from Pakistan and Mexico show, tourism can have a negative, but also a positive impact on the conservation of World Heritage Sites.

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Food Waste

Thailand: Avoiding Food Waste, Saving Resources

Sourcing locally, wasting less. Food waste management can help restaurant and catering businesses to save not only resources, but also a lot of money.

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Dürre im Südlichen Afrika

South Africa: Water Consumption in Tourism

The holiday paradise of South Africa beckons with pools, golf courses and wellness. But the country fails in supplying its population with sufficient

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India: Air-Conditioners as Climate Killers

Air-conditioners are a typical ‘false solution’ when it comes to adaptation to climate change. Passive cooling offers alternatives – also in tourism.

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Tourism and aviation commitments at COP26

On the occasion of the UN Climate Change Conference, the travel and airline sector announced plans for more climate protection.

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Woman looking through Telescope_Uganda

World Tourism Day 2021

Since 50 years, the international community celebrates World Tourism Day annually on September 27. We have compiled some statements and demands from

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Insel im Meer

No Long-Term Plan for Lakshadweep

A planned tourism project in the Indian Union Territory of Lakshadweep meets with resistance from both local people and the scientific community.

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Publication: "Rethink Single-Use Plastic Products in Travel & Tourism“

The United Nations Environment Programme and the World Travel & Tourism Council assess the impacts of plastic waste and provide implementation

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Strand-Fales auf Samoa

Tourism at 48°C

In many destinations, climate change puts the future of tourism at stake. Apart from mitigation, adaptation will be a major challenge.

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Bergbau im Jui-Tal, Rumänien

Tourism instead of coal in Romania

Romania is taking the chance for a sustainable transition away from coal - and gives the old coal fields in Jiu Valley a new economic significance

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Strategien für eine Just Transition im Tourismus

The journey to climate neutrality

The Science Based Targets initiative shows companies, including tour operators how much and how fast they need to reduce their greenhouse gas

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Junge Demonstrantin:Innen auf einer Klimademo

A question of vaccine justice

If COVID-19 vaccination becomes mandatory for participating in the UN Climate Conference, the Global South will lose a voice due to lacking access to

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Gruppe indigener Mapuche

Responding to the pandemic with reforestation

Planting trees during the crisis: A reforestation project organised by this year’s TO DO Award winner Rutas Ancestrales Araucarias in Chile generates

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Schulung „Earthquake“

From COVID-19 to Climate

In the middle of the COVID-19 crisis hotels start to integrate disaster preparedness systematically in their strategies and actions.

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COVID-19 and its impact on tourism in The Gambia

In an interview with Naturefriends International, Adamah Bah explains the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Gambian people and outlines

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Tourism Declares

Interview with Kasia Morgan

The initiative Tourism Declares calls on the tourism industry to declare a climate emergency. Kasia Morgan explains, why climate protection is so

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Cover Fair Reisen mit Herz und Verstand

Tourism Watch at ITB Berlin NOW 2021

This year's ITB Berlin, took place virtually from the 9 – 12 of March 2021. Tourism Watch participated with a virtual booth and own events.

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Bali: Domestic Tourism as a Glimmer of Hope

With their borders closed to international tourism, the people of Bali use their creativity and collaborative spirit and rely on domestic tourism.

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Inlandstourismus_CBT_Thailand_Jaranya Daengnoy

Thailand: Emerging Stronger and Better

Tourism experts and entrepreneurs from Thailand explain how their country manages the COVID crisis, with a particular focus on community-based

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Community Based Tourism_CBT_Brasilien_Gemeindebasierter Tourismus

Brazil: Not Yet an Option

Disrespectful behaviour, waste and noise pollution, lack of interest, and now COVID-19. In Brazil the risks that domestic tourism entails for

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Study: The Case for Responsible Travel - Trends & Statistics 2020

The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) has published its annual report on the state of sustainable tourism in 2020.

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Study: A spotlight on ten climate-damaging subsidies in Germany

A new study by Greenpeace Germany shows how a reduction of climate-damaging subsidies in Germany could relieve the federal government budget by up to

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Safaripark Guards

Pandemic Poaching

Animal welfare activists, development workers and NGOs report that poaching is increasing again in times of pandemic lockdown. This could also be due

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Schild ,,we alle be okay - spread hope" an Eingangstür

Unsustainably Resilient?

Resilience is the new buzz word. It is more than just returning to the old tourism models - which were neither sustainable nor resilient - but to

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Dossier Climate justice
Leere Flugzeugsitze und Notausgang

Why we sould be ashamed when taking a flight

Flying is a luxury that only small global elites enjoy. However, it causes tremendous amounts of CO2 and severely damages our climate. It is high time

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Dossier Climate justice
Schild der Protestierenden mit der Aufschrift: billiges Fliegen kommt uns teuer zu stehen

"Generation easyjet“ vs. "Generation Greta“

We asked young people if and how the hot topic of fyling is discussed amongst their peers.

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Dossier Climate justice
asiatischer Zug

Flight Exclusive

The most popular destinations abroad amongst German travelers are Spain and Italy - spots that are all in medium distance and are accessible without

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Regenwald - Kompensation von CO2 durch Naturschutzprojekte

Shared Responsibility

The awareness for climate change is increasing amongst Peruvian tourism businesses. This article shows how they assume responsibility and take action.

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Flughafengebäude in Frankfurt

Taxing Aviation

Bill Hennings sheds light on the current political debate within the EU and demands action in order to drastically reduce the effects from aviation on

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Dossier Climate justice
Indischer Flughafen

India Takes Off

Air travel has become an integral part of life for the upper class and parts of the growing middle class. India’s Civil Aviation Policy seeks to make

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Schild am Eingang des Limpopo National Parks, Mosambik

The Tale of the Promised Land

Three communities resettled outside of Limpopo National Park. However, the promise of irrigated agriculture is not fulfilled yet and severely impacts

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Dossier Climate justice

After the Floods in Kerala

The devastating floods and landslides in the South Indian state of Kerala destroyed a large part of the crops. In the mountain district of Wayanad,

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