Study: The Case for Responsible Travel - Trends & Statistics 2020

The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) has published its annual report on the state of sustainable tourism in 2020. The tourism think tank from Washington has decided to take a joint look at the current major crises COVID-19 and climate change, to present interdependencies and describe common solutions for the future of tourism. “Tourism was frankly on a path of self-destruction for decades, valuing profits at the expense of people, planet, and purpose. COVID-19 has proven that simply stopping tourism is not enough to meet the challenges of the climate crisis”, said the director of CREST Gregory Miller. “Crisis often breeds innovation, and destination communities and businesses must now take the time to reconsider the path forward. As we look to the future of tourism, the same rigor and dedication that is needed to adapt to the pandemic must also be applied to neutralize the threat of climate change.”

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