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Plakat von bebauter Weltkugel auf Wand
© Robert Wenzel

Even today, tourism policy very often is seen location policy. In too many cases it stops at the city or national border: wine regions in South Africa fiercely compete against each other for the attention of travellers and ministers of small countries in the Caribbean outbid each other in attracting tourism investments. This kind of mentality is unreasonable within the globally intertwined tourism sector. From a developmental perspective, it is even dangerous:  unchecked tourism growth does not only accelerate global warming, it also increases global competition for the cheapest labour and the reckless exploitation of resources and culture. We strive for stricter regulation of tourism on the pathway towards sustainability. Local people must actively participate in planning and decision-making processes in tourism.

Climate justice in tourism?

Inseln im Pazifik
© Sabine Minninger / Brot für die Welt
Eight percent of global emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases - i.e. almost every 12th ton – come from tourism. The lion's share of this is generated when travelling to and from the destination, especially when flying.

City of Peoples, City of Nations

© Ir Amim
In alternative exposure tours, Ir Amim shows how tourism attractions in East Jerusalem, such as the City of David, become politicized.

Paradise lost, regained: sold!

Ati Stamm auf Boracay
© Dr. Mary Kristerie Baleva
In the Philippines, the indigenous Ati of Boracay Island struggle to defend their land rights against unfettered tourism development.

The Dark Side of Life

Male City
© Jumanaa Shareef
For a long time, tourism in the Maldives was seen as a force for economic development. But today, only a c chosen few profit from the excessive tourism development on uninhabited islands.

Agenda 2030 and Tourism

© viventura
Sustainable tourism is mentioned a total of four times in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The explicit mention of the sector not only emphasises its global importance, but at the same time commits it to fundamentally changing the tourism model that is so widespread today.

From Dreams to Nightmares

Bali is a heaven for millions of tourists from other countries. Hotels, restaurants and other tourist facilities are mushrooming in the southern and central regions of Bali. Many Balinese women working in this sector also engage in sexual relations with foreign tourists. Where these …

„¡La Muralla soy yo!”

“La Muralla”, Cartagena’s colonial firewall, surrounds the old town of the Caribbean metropolis in the north of Colombia. Cartagena is a world heritage site and attracts hundred thousands of tourists every year. The Spanish used the wall in the 16th century in order to protect what was of …
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