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In this section we give tips on events and literature around the topic of fair and socially responsible travel as well as further information and advice on the critical examination of the topic of tourism.

Seminar Series: Informal Work in Tourism

The Transforming Tourism Initiative realized two seminars on the situation of informal workers in tourism. Workers in the informal economy are a crucial element of tourism everywhere -they make up a majority of tourism employment. People in the informal economy were hit first and hardest …

100 issues of the Tourism Watch Newsletter

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In 1994, the Tourism Watch newsletter was sent out for the first time, making information from tourist destinations in the Global South available here in Germany. For our 100th issue, we invited our partners to look in the past but also the future with us.

Using their Influence for Good?

Lempuyang Tempel auf Bali. Instagram Instagram-Touristen in der Schlange
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Via Blogs, Instagram or Youtube travel bloggers reach thousands of people in search of inspiration and information for their travel - influencing a huge number of travellers in the choice of their holiday destinations, accommodation, or means of transport.

Avoiding the Trap

On their journeys to the Global South, tourists from Europe and North America risk to unknowingly reinforce stereotypes about other countries. Videos, pictures and hashtags on social media catalyze the spreading of outdated, neo-colonal clichés. This can be avoided.

Fair tourism – A matter of heart and mind

Fair tourism – A matter of heart and mind. Tips for fair travel
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The booklet in a convenient pocket format stimulates reflection and analysis regarding the impacts of tourism and gives practical tips for a fair and socially responsible way of travelling. At the same time, it is humorous and without a moralising undertone.

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