Missing link between tourism and gender at COP 28

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Equality in Tourism voices concern over the absence of an intersectional approach linking gender equality and tourism at the World Climate Change Conference in COP 28, that took place in November 2023 in Dubai. The global organization emphasizes that forging a sustainable and gender-equitable tourism industry requires integrating environmental protection, economic growth, and enhanced social equity. Therefore, a thorough examination of the intersection between equality and tourism is crucial in addressing climate change effectively.

The global organization observes a missed opportunity in the global climate negotiations, where gender equality and tourism were addressed separately rather than exploring their overlaps. While COP28 featured several gender-specific events, notably on Gender Day, tourism's central role was underscored through events such as the UNWTO session highlighting progress in implementing the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism. Furthermore, the release of the first stocktake report by the Tourism Panel on Climate Change (TPCC) during COP 28 highlighted the significance of tourism in climate discussions.

However, Equality in Tourism expresses disappointment at the inadequate emphasis on the interconnectedness of gender, tourism, and climate change—a crucial link that demands urgent attention. Recent studies, such as those by Vanessa Ratten, demonstrate the heightened interest in climate change issues among female tourism entrepreneurs compared to their male counterparts.

Equality in Tourism advocates for greater prominence of intersectionality in climate change discussions, particularly in light of its neglect at COP28. Recognizing the complexity and interconnected nature of climate change necessitates cross-sectoral dialogues that incorporate diverse perspectives. Hence, the inclusion of women in these discussions is necessary, given that the climate crisis intensifies existing vulnerabilities.