Environment and Climate

Sonnenaufgang in  Taasilac, Grönland
© Laura Jäger

In many places of the world tourism actively contributes the protection of the environment: national parks in many places are financed by the income of tourists and biodiversity becomes an attractive selling point for destinations. Nevertheless: on a global scale, tourism consumes huge amounts of scarce natural resources - like water or energy - and produces mountains of rubbish from plastic bottles and food waste. One long-haul return flight from Frankfurt to New York City alone exhausts more carbon than an average Indian citizen per year. Flying becomes an issue of global justice, since especially the poorest of the poor suffer from the climate crisis, while at the same time cannot afford the luxury of flying. We therefore support a kind of tourism that saves resources-and causes as little climate change as possible.

World Tourism Day 2021

Woman looking through Telescope_Uganda
© Slim Emcee_Unsplash

Since 50 years, the international community celebrates World Tourism Day annually on September 27. We have compiled some statements and demands from civil society networks.

No Long-Term Plan for Lakshadweep

Insel im Meer
© Anuj Chauhan_Unsplash

A planned tourism project in the Indian Union Territory of Lakshadweep meets with resistance from both local people and the scientific community.

The journey to climate neutrality

Strategien für eine Just Transition im Tourismus
© Thomas Lohnes

The Science Based Targets initiative shows companies, including tour operators how much and how fast they need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.

Tourism instead of coal in Romania

Bergbau im Jui-Tal, Rumänien
© Andrei Dudea for Planeta Petrila

Romania is taking the chance for a sustainable transition away from coal - and gives the old coal fields in Jiu Valley a new economic significance through tourism.

Tourism at 48°C

Strand-Fales auf Samoa
© Susanne Becken

In many destinations, climate change puts the future of tourism at stake. Apart from mitigation, adaptation will be a major challenge.

A question of vaccine justice

Junge Demonstrantin:Innen auf einer Klimademo
© Callum Shaw - Unsplash

If COVID-19 vaccination becomes mandatory for participating in the UN Climate Conference, the Global South will lose a voice due to lacking access to vaccines.

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