Environment and Climate

Sonnenaufgang in  Taasilac, Grönland
© Laura Jäger

In many places of the world tourism actively contributes the protection of the environment: national parks in many places are financed by the income of tourists and biodiversity becomes an attractive selling point for destinations. Nevertheless: on a global scale, tourism consumes huge amounts of scarce natural resources - like water or energy - and produces mountains of rubbish from plastic bottles and food waste. One long-haul return flight from Frankfurt to New York City alone exhausts more carbon than an average Indian citizen per year. Flying becomes an issue of global justice, since especially the poorest of the poor suffer from the climate crisis, while at the same time cannot afford the luxury of flying. We therefore support a kind of tourism that saves resources-and causes as little climate change as possible.

Responding to the pandemic with reforestation

Gruppe indigener Mapuche
© Sebastiaìn Harambour

During the COVID-19 crisis, Rutas Ancestrales Araucarias in Chile has embarked on a new conservation project. Mapuche families are setting up nurseries to reforest the region with endemic species. This generates income and adds new attractions to future tours once guests are back. The …

From COVID-19 to Climate

Schulung „Earthquake“
© Antonio Balang

With the frequency of future crises increasing, proactive risk management is becoming more and more important. In this article, Bijan Khazai explains the impact that a hotel's resilience can have on the management of a disaster and the benefits this has for communities

Interview with Kasia Morgan

Tourism Declares
© Karsten Würth-Unsplash

More and more tourism providers decide to sign the declaration of a climate emergency. For Tourism Watch, Lea Thin has interviewed Kasia Morgan from the initiative Tourism Declares. She explains why climate action now is crucial for a green recovery of the tourism industry after COVID-19.

Tourism Watch at ITB Berlin NOW 2021

ITB Stand 2018
© Sunnyi Bohne

This year's ITB Berlin, will take place virtually from the 9 – 12 of March. The digital platform is open daily from 10 am to 7 pm (CET) for visitors. Tourism Watch participates with a virtual booth and own events at the ITB Convention. We invite you to visit us at our virtual booth and to …

Brazil: Not Yet an Option

Community Based Tourism_CBT_Brasilien_Gemeindebasierter Tourismus
© Araribà Turismo e Cultura

Disrespectful behaviour, waste and noise pollution, lack of interest, and now COVID-19. In Brazil the risks that domestic tourism entails for traditional communities seem bigger than the opportunities.

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