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Stone Statues in Myanmar
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“Getting to know the country and its people” is a central motive especially when travelling to countries of the Global South– spiritual travel offers are booming all over the world. During their holidays, many travellers find the time and tranquillity to visit churches and temples or they visit isolated mountain villages, to learn unique weaving techniques of the indigenous craftswomen. The opportunity to look beyond their own lives changes the perspective on the world. However, there is a fine line between honest curiosity and touristic voyeurism. With Many beg the question, whether they are really desired by the local population or are rather developed for travellers. Our aim is to motivate travellers to experience encounters at eye level and to support community based travel initiatives to gain economic autonomy.

Quilombo Communities in Brazil

Community-based tourism in marginalized Quilombo communities of African descendants in Brazil offers coping strategies and opportunities for valuing traditional ways of life.

Overtourism in UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The idea of the World Heritage List is for the international community to jointly protect and transmit particularly important cultural places and natural beauty for future generations. While the status of a World Heritage Site means protection, it also brings prestige and often many …

Photographing People in Poverty?

Slums, Townships or Favelas: disadvantaged neighbourhoods are increasingly visited by tourists. If such excursions are organised in a socially responsible manner, they may be beneficial for both, local people and tourists, creating win-win situations. Visitors can get a better …

Protecting Privacy

“Come in, the house is yours!” Many Brazilians still use this old saying to make visitors feel at home. However, this hospitality is not found in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, but lives in the hearts and houses of people outside the hustle and bustle of the big cities. The much closer …

The Right to Privacy in Tourism

Privacy is a very personal issue. Some might feel their privacy violated when someone else peeks through the window. Others live a very open analogue and digital life. Privacy is also a legal matter. How is the right to privacy regulated? What are the challenges we face in the protection …

In Deep Water

Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing economic sectors worldwide. It grows intensively in absolute numbers and reaches more and more places around the globe, including ecologically and culturally sensitive areas. The vast majority of global tourism takes place in coastal areas – and especially Small Island Developing States (SIDS) focus on tourism as a strategy for diversifying their economy and fostering economic development. There is an urgent need to assess the effects of tourism on coastal communities and natural resources before its further promotion.

Risks and Opportunities for Food Security

Tourism as a prime economic-generating activity has a trade off. In the Philippines, some people earn from tourism, but it has also affected the preoccupation they played in the community as providers. In many cases, fishermen who used to catch fish to support the whole community decided …

Interview with Raed Saadeh, Jerusalem Tourism Cluster

Tourists who decide to travel to the „Holy Land“ usually do so only after due consideration. They often have serious concerns to visit a region which has time and again been a powder keg. However, the divided city of Jerusalem boasts of some of the sacred sites of Judaism, Christianity …

Fair tourism – A matter of heart and mind

Fair tourism – A matter of heart and mind. Tips for fair travel
© Brot für die Welt

The booklet in a convenient pocket format stimulates reflection and analysis regarding the impacts of tourism and gives practical tips for a fair and socially responsible way of travelling. At the same time, it is humorous and without a moralising undertone.

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