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Stone Statues in Myanmar
© Robert Wenzel

“Getting to know the country and its people” is a central motive especially when travelling to countries of the Global South– spiritual travel offers are booming all over the world. During their holidays, many travellers find the time and tranquillity to visit churches and temples or they visit isolated mountain villages, to learn unique weaving techniques of the indigenous craftswomen. The opportunity to look beyond their own lives changes the perspective on the world. However, there is a fine line between honest curiosity and touristic voyeurism. With Many beg the question, whether they are really desired by the local population or are rather developed for travellers. Our aim is to motivate travellers to experience encounters at eye level and to support community based travel initiatives to gain economic autonomy.

Avoiding the Trap

On their journeys to the Global South, tourists from Europe and North America risk to unknowingly reinforce stereotypes about other countries. Videos, pictures and hashtags on social media catalyze the spreading of outdated, neo-colonal clichés. This can be avoided.

Using their Influence for Good?

Lempuyang Tempel auf Bali. Instagram Instagram-Touristen in der Schlange
© JRP Studio - Shutterstock
Via Blogs, Instagram or Youtube travel bloggers reach thousands of people in search of inspiration and information for their travel - influencing a huge number of travellers in the choice of their holiday destinations, accommodation, or means of transport.

Agritourism in the Caribbean

Erntestand auf den Bahamas
© Tony Tong
Caribbean islands have increasingly turned to tourism as a pathway for economic advancement, often to the detriment of other industries, particularly agriculture.

City of Peoples, City of Nations

© Ir Amim
In alternative exposure tours, Ir Amim shows how tourism attractions in East Jerusalem, such as the City of David, become politicized.

Beneath Our Feet

The Slave Castle Elmina in Ghana transmits to visitors the historical significance of slavery and underlines the importance of today's responsibility.

Quilombo Communities in Brazil

Community-based tourism in marginalized Quilombo communities of African descendants in Brazil offers coping strategies and opportunities for valuing traditional ways of life.

The Killing Fields of Cambodia

Museums and memorials in Cambodia impressively inform about the mass murder of the Khmer Rouge against their own people and make an important contribution against oblivion.

Overtourism in UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The idea of the World Heritage List is for the international community to jointly protect and transmit particularly important cultural places and natural beauty for future generations. While the status of a World Heritage Site means protection, it also brings prestige and often many …
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