Newsletter zu Tourismus und LGBTQI*

Zwei Frauen - Lesbisches Paar oder Freundinnen?
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Newsletter on Tourism and LGBTQI*

All over the world, LGBTQI* people face discrimination. Experts discuss in how far tourism can strengthen the rights as well  as acceptance of homo- and transsexual people. Tourism businesses and associations, unions, activists and workers show, how they fight against homophobia and equal rights. More

Aktuell 65: Vertreibung aus dem Paradies

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Neues Papier zu Landraub und Verdrängung durch Tourismus

Immer wieder wird der Tourismus als Motor für nachhaltige Entwicklung und wirksames Mittel zur Armutsbekämpfung gepriesen. Sein enormer Land- und Ressourcenverbrauch wird jedoch viel zu selten berücksichtigt. Dabei bedroht er die Rechte der lokalen Bevölkerung auf ihr Land und ihren Zugang zu überlebenswichtigen Ressourcen wie Wasser, Forst- oder Weideland. Mehr

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Agenda 2030 and Tourism

Sustainable tourism is mentioned a total of four times in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The explicit mention of the sector not only emphasises its global importance, but at the same time commits it to fundamentally changing the tourism model that is so widespread today.

Inseln im Pazifik
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Climate justice in tourism?

Eight percent of global emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases - i.e. almost every 12th ton – come from tourism. The lion's share of this is generated when travelling to and from the destination, especially when flying.

Mädchen am Strand
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All things legal! Human rights in tourism

Human rights violations in tourism are commonplace. Be it through exploitative working conditions in hotels, the displacement of entire villages for the construction of airports or the sexual exploitation of children by travelers. Governments and tourism companies must fully respect, protect and guarantee human rights.

spielende Schulkinder
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Voluntourism — "all Inclusive" social commitment?

Helping with an aid project or teaching English - many people want to do good on holiday. More and more providers are discovering the lucrative business of travel and "helping". But often these short-term, commercial offers do more harm than good.


Encouraging Change

Gorilla im Baum
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Homosexuality is a punishable offense in Uganda. A tour operator describes his efforts to fight homophobia and discrimination of LGBTQI* persons in the country.

Zitat des Monats

Travelers say that sustainability is important for them. Yet, hotels flagged as "green" are booked less frequent that those that are not finds a recent A/B test by 

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Bon Voyage vs. Boycott

Schild auf Demo: Queer Liberation, not Rainbow Capitalism
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How can LGBTQI* tourism contribute to the rights of homo- and transsexuals in travel destinations? Reflections from Cambodia, Colombia and Saudi Arabia.


Precious Human Rights

Bunte Surfboards an einer Mauer
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Rika Jean-Francois is in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility at the ITB Berlin and on the Board of Directors of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association Foundation. We spoke to her about the importance of LGBTQI* tourism to countries of the Global South.


Tourism Watch at ITB 2020

ITB Stand 2018
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Tourism Watch will exhibit at the ITB Berlin from 4-8 March 2020. You will find the joint booth of Tourism Watch, ECPAT, The Code and the Institute for Tourism and Development in Hall 4.1 at booth 242.


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