Newsletter No. 111

Bunte Wand am Strand
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Newsletter No. 111
Small Islands States - Paradise of others

The pandemic showed that the dependence of small island states on tourism can have fatal consequences for the countries, their economy and population. New recipes for a more crisis-proof tourism are needed.

WorldJournal Tourism

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New publication out now
WorldJournal Tourism

ONLY IN GERMAN: The publication brings together analyzes and infographics on German tourism to Africa, Asia and Latin America. Statements from Brot für die Welt partner organizations from all over the world and political demands complete this dossier. 

Newsletter No. 110

Kind läuft am Straßenrand
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Newsletter No. 110
Strengthening Child Rights in Tourism

With the resurgence of tourism, violence and exploitation of children must not be allowed to increase again. Politicians and the economy must protect children even better because the risks for minors have increased significantly in the pandemic.

Inseln im Pazifik
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Climate justice in tourism?

Eight percent of global emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases - i.e. almost every 12th ton – come from tourism. The lion's share of this is generated when travelling to and from the destination, especially when flying.


Maldives: Island State in Debt

Insel im Meer
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Tourism once lifted the Maldives out of poverty. But the country’s debts have been growing faster than the economy, and climate change threatens the islands’ existence.


Cape Verde: Barriers between the islands

Alte Boote am Strand
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Cape Verde's dependence on the travel sector has been its downfall since the pandemic. Diversifying the economy is a must, but domestic transport is lacking.


The Invisible Burden of Tourism

Hände, die auf Laptop zeigen
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Many holiday regions do not record the real costs of tourism. Often the expenses are even higher than the income from tourism.

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