Vaccination Justice and Tourism

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Tourism Watch No. 105

Advancing vaccinations raise hope. For many German travelers, the longed-for vacation trip seems within reach. But what do vaccination progress and strategies look like in the destinations and does the speed of vaccination influence their position on the tourism world map? Answers are provdied within our current issue.

Bildungsmaterial für Nachhaltigkeit im Tourismus

Jugendliche beschäftigen sich mit nachhaltigem Reisen
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Nachhaltigkeit im Tourismus lernen

Nicht nur die Anzahl der Reisen wächst rasant, auch das Interesse der Menschen für die ökologischen, sozialen, kulturellen und wirtschaftlichen Folgen des Tourismus.  Unser Bildungsmaterial ist für die Jugend- und Erwachsenenbildung geeignet und richtet sich an Lehrer*innen und Referent*innen des Globalen Lernens und der entwicklungsbezogenen Bildungsarbeit.

Inseln im Pazifik
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Climate justice in tourism?

Eight percent of global emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases - i.e. almost every 12th ton – come from tourism. The lion's share of this is generated when travelling to and from the destination, especially when flying.


Health as a competitive advantage

Rezeptionist hinter Plastikscheibe mit Mund-Nasen-Schutz
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The Dominican Republic is prioritising tourism workers for COVID-19 vaccines to strengthen its economy. However, mainly large hotel chains seem to benefit.


Vaccination priorities for tourism?

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The way out of the corona tourism crisis leads through the expansion of vaccine production and global solidarity in distribution.


Tourism on the way to recovery

Health and Wellness
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People’s physical and mental well-being has suffered during the pandemic. Health tourism can contribute to recovery and resilience.


A question of vaccine justice

Junge Demonstrantin:Innen auf einer Klimademo
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If COVID-19 vaccination becomes mandatory for participating in the UN Climate Conference, the Global South will lose a voice due to lacking access to vaccines.

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percent of all passenger flights in Germany were on short-haul routes in 2020. A lot of potential that could be brought onto the rails in a climate-friendly way.


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