Corona and Resilience in Tourism

Geschlossener Strand wegen Covid-19 Auflage
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Corona and Resilience in Tourism

For many years, observers have been predicting that crises - caused for example by climate change or geopolitical turmoils - will be the dominant factor for our travel decisions. This was a long-standing trend, but Corona turned this prognosis into reality from one day to another.

Bildungsmaterial für Nachhaltigkeit im Tourismus

Jugendliche beschäftigen sich mit nachhaltigem Reisen
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Nachhaltigkeit im Tourismus lernen

Nicht nur die Anzahl der Reisen wächst rasant, auch das Interesse der Menschen für die ökologischen, sozialen, kulturellen und wirtschaftlichen Folgen des Tourismus.  Unser Bildungsmaterial ist für die Jugend- und Erwachsenenbildung geeignet und richtet sich an Lehrer*innen und Referent*innen des Globalen Lernens und der entwicklungsbezogenen Bildungsarbeit. >> Mehr


Tourism As A Viable Livelihood?

Resilienz durch gemeindebasierten Tourismus
© Sreejith Nair

Due to the corona-crisis, the tourism industry is facing enormous challenges. The pandemic shows which providers and entrepreneurs are more resilient than others. A report from India.


Together In Crises

Titelbild Gemeindebasierter Ökotourismus im Dorf Esfahk
© Matthias Schmidt

Iran is not only fighting COVID-19. Political crises, trade sanctions, environmental disasters and a weak economy are pervasive. How do local tourism initiatives react?


Unsustainably Resilient?

Schild ,,we alle be okay - spread hope" an Eingangstür
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Resilience is the new buzz word. It is more than just returning to the old tourism models - which were neither sustainable nor resilient - but to learn from the crises to be better prepared for the next one.


For a new and just economy in tourism

Empty Road in India
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In many countries public programmes are trying to stabilize the tourism sector. Against the background of already existing problems of the sector, how can such programmes transform tourism.


Virtual traveling

virtuelles reisen
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Virtual travel experiences can help tourism providers achieve a low income in times of crisis and give access to places and encounters – even without being on site.


Helpers in need

Schutzmasken gegen die Pandemie
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The platform Ubuntu Beds offers hotel rooms to medical workers in order to reduce the spread of the virus and losses in tourism. An interview with its founder Kim Whitaker.

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