Domestic Tourism

Inlandstourismus_Domestic Tourism
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Tourism Watch No 103

Domestic tourism is more resistant to shocks and crises and recovers from them more quickly than international tourism. Not only governments and tourism organisations are beginning to rely more on domestic tourism, but local populations are also becoming creative to ensure their survival in times of crisis.

Bildungsmaterial für Nachhaltigkeit im Tourismus

Jugendliche beschäftigen sich mit nachhaltigem Reisen
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Nachhaltigkeit im Tourismus lernen

Nicht nur die Anzahl der Reisen wächst rasant, auch das Interesse der Menschen für die ökologischen, sozialen, kulturellen und wirtschaftlichen Folgen des Tourismus.  Unser Bildungsmaterial ist für die Jugend- und Erwachsenenbildung geeignet und richtet sich an Lehrer*innen und Referent*innen des Globalen Lernens und der entwicklungsbezogenen Bildungsarbeit.

Inseln im Pazifik
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Climate justice in tourism?

Eight percent of global emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases - i.e. almost every 12th ton – come from tourism. The lion's share of this is generated when travelling to and from the destination, especially when flying.


Uganda: A game changer for women

Woman looking through Telescope_Uganda
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Due to COVID-19, domestic tourism is moving into focus in many countries - also in Uganda. This strengthens women in the industry and promotes female empowerment.


Brazil: Not Yet an Option

Community Based Tourism_CBT_Brasilien_Gemeindebasierter Tourismus
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Disrespectful behaviour, waste and noise pollution, lack of interest, and now COVID-19. In Brazil the risks that domestic tourism entails for traditional communities seem bigger than the opportunities.


Video documentation on precariousness of work

With contributions from Brazil, the Gambia, Spain and the Philippines, the online seminar of the Transforming Tourism Initiative discussed the effects of the Covid19 pandemic on working conditions in tourism.

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