Stop greenwashing - reduce air traffic now!

Since COVID-19 resulted in a global collapse of air travel, the airline industry and its lobby has been working to get back on its previous growth path. In response to rising public and political awareness of the climate-damaging effects of air travel, the industry is doing a lot of communication around "green" flying through new technologies. The organization Stay Grounded has taken a critical look at the industry's claims and published five fact sheets on topics such as: efficiency, electric flights, hydrogen, biofuels, and E-fuels.

With its factsheets, the organization is doing important information work. Technological change must come, but it will not be fast enough. So additionally, a reduction in air traffic is necessary.

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India Takes Off

Indischer Flughafen
© Andreas Jäger

Air travel has become an integral part of life for the upper class and parts of the growing middle class. India’s Civil Aviation Policy seeks to make flights more accessible and affordable for the less affluent.

Taxing Aviation

Flughafengebäude in Frankfurt
© Brot für die Welt - Lohnes

Bill Hennings sheds light on the current political debate within the EU and demands action in order to drastically reduce the effects from aviation on our climate.

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