"Trends and Issues in Global Tourism 2009"

ITB Congress 2008

The volume "Trends and Issues in Global Tourism 2009" is based on panel discussions and presentations made at the ITB Congress "Market Trends & Innovations" in March 2008, which had a focus on climate change. The book presents the concept of "zero footprint", which it says would work only if it included compensation (thus showing that, in fact, it would not work). Planting trees is presented as a way of compensating for the CO2 emissions of long-haul flights - ignoring that trees do not absorb CO2 on a permanent basis and that the greenhouse effect of aviation goes far beyond mere CO2. The book shows that it might not be climate change that will lead to more energy efficiency and innovative solutions in aviation, but rather rising kerosene prices.

Trends and Issues in Global Tourism 2009. By Roland Conrady and Martin Buck (Ed.). Springer, Heidelberg, 2009. 278 pages. ISBN 978-3-540-92198-1.


(September 2009, TW 56)