“How was your stay at …?“

New applications and new ways of online communication and platforms bring opportunities and challenges for small tourism providers. Above all, reviews and so-called "user-generated content" can decide of small enterprices' sucess.

Struggle on the streets of Nairobi

The market entry of the 'Uber' in 2015 has fundamentally changed the Kenyan taxi market. Three years later, taxi drivers struggle for higher pay and better working conditions.

Challenges and Opportunities

Booking plattforms offer many opportunities and challanges for suppliers in tourism. In the article, small tourism enterprices from global South share their experiences on online booking plattforms.

Making Rural Tourism Bookable

Technology expert Charles Mony (from the NGO 'Village Monde') announces the new booking platform '', which aims to provide a free alternative for remote communities and local accommodations.

Falling Through the Net

Dr Foster has researched how Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) can support development of low income groups. Amongst other sectors, he looked at the tourism industry in Kenya and Rwanda. He elaborates to what extend small and medium tourism businesses profited from ICT …

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