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LGBTQI* Refugees in Thailand

Bangkok - lebhaft und bunt. Doch nicht offen für jeden?
© Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

Thailand is marketed as one of the world's most LGBTQI*-friendly destinations. But transsexual refugees face a different reality: a harsh and dangerous life in Thai Immigration Detention Centres.

The Killing Fields of Cambodia

Museums and memorials in Cambodia impressively inform about the mass murder of the Khmer Rouge against their own people and make an important contribution against oblivion.

From Dreams to Nightmares

Bali is a heaven for millions of tourists from other countries. Hotels, restaurants and other tourist facilities are mushrooming in the southern and central regions of Bali. Many Balinese women working in this sector also engage in sexual relations with foreign tourists. Where these …

Against All Odds

Timor Leste, the world’s third newest nation, has great potential to develop community-based eco-cultural tourism into a fair and green economy for its rural communities. However, there is no political support. At the same time, the lack of infrastructure remains an obstacle to local …

Myanmar’s Difficult Journey to Sustainable and Quality Tourism

Some of Myanmar’s flagship sites such as Bagan, Inle and Kyaiktiyo, are already under environmental and social pressure from the effects of tourism, which is affecting the livelihoods of local inhabitants and long-term viability of these places as tourism destinations. The Danish Institute …

Protest Movement against Land Reclamation in Bali

These days in Bali, visitors will see enormous banners with the words “Bali Tolak Reklamasi Teluk Benoa” – “Bali is against land reclamation from the sea at Benoa Bay”. Tourism is at the roots of the struggle against a mega project that would have devastating ecological consequences and …

Education for Sustainable Development through Tourism

The villagers of Mae Kam Pong have developed a "Sustainable Tourism Community for Learning" programme that serves to bring the local villagers together with tourists, within a learning environment. The tourists provide a source of revenue for the village, as they are introduced to the rich …

Less "Fun", More Challenges

Tourism is a booming industry in the Philippines. This trend has been running for a couple of years now, making this Southeast Asian republic one of the rising stars in the global tourism industry. In 2012 alone, the number of visitors increased to 4.3 million from 3.9 million the previous …

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