Tourism on the way to recovery

Health and Wellness
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People’s physical and mental well-being has suffered during the pandemic. Health tourism can contribute to recovery and resilience.

Interview with Raed Saadeh, Jerusalem Tourism Cluster

Tourists who decide to travel to the „Holy Land“ usually do so only after due consideration. They often have serious concerns to visit a region which has time and again been a powder keg. However, the divided city of Jerusalem boasts of some of the sacred sites of Judaism, Christianity …

Safety and Security for Women in Tourism

More and more women travel, and often individually and as single women. As Julia Bühler reports, this often raises concerns with regard to their safety and security. Though there are an increasing number of tourism products that take women’s interests and needs into account, more could be …

Safety and Security for Workers in Tourism

While tour operators usually take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and security of their customers, they usually at best commit to apply “local standards” to their local staff and service providers. As Kundri Böhmer-Bauer points out, applying double standards is unethical …

Sahel Kidnappings Affect Tourism

Tourism to the Sahara desert has become increasingly difficult to sell. As Ulrich Delius reports, the fear of kidnappings by "Al Qaeda Maghreb" (AQMI) terrorists and criminal gangs has lead to serious losses in the local tourism business. This has affected the Tuareg in Mali and Niger in …

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