Newsletter on Tourism and LGBTQI*

LGBTQ and Tourism: Two Women Sitting: Lesbian Couple or Friends?
© Photo by yoav hornung on Unsplash

All over the world, LGBTQI* people face discrimination. Experts discuss in how far tourism can strengthen the rights as well  as acceptance of homo- and transsexual people. Tourism businesses and …

Taxing Aviation

Flughafengebäude in Frankfurt
© Brot für die Welt - Lohnes

Bill Hennings sheds light on the current political debate within the EU and demands action in order to drastically reduce the effects from aviation on our climate.

Filipino Seafarers

The Philippines is one of the leading sources of seafarers in the world. At any given time, there are at least 400,000 Filipinos working on board ocean-going vessels including bulk carriers, cargo, tankers, and passenger vessels which are mainly cruise ships. In 2015, the Philippine …

Minimizing Impacts – Maximizing Benefits

Costa Rica has developed a diversified tourism model primarily based on the natural resources of the country. It includes different tourism offers which are conducted in parallel. There is no dependency and no displacement by the cruise industry, unlike in other Caribbean destinations …

People's Rights First

By Sumesh Mangalassery The decision of UN Human Rights Council in Geneva (2010) that affirms water as a human right is a major success for civil society groups who have been fighting for community water rights for decades. It is considered to be historic and a big step in the right …

Between Criminal Law and CSR

Human rights issues in tourism have not played an important role in the German parliament so far. Christoph Strässer, MP (SPD), points out that this might change, as this year the Bundestag is going to address business and human rights. At a panel discussion organised by EED Tourism Watch …

Broschüren zu Unternehmensverantwortung

Unter dem Titel "Zauberformel CSR - Unternehmensverantwortung zwischen Freiwilligkeit und Verpflichtung" liefert der EED einen Beitrag zur Debatte um die Qualität von CSR-Maßnahmen im Tourismus. Neben Beispielen von CSR werden Forderungen an Politik und Unternehmen gestellt, um CSR …

Actors or Villains?

By Christina Kamp Companies are increasingly being judged not just by the products and profits they make, but also by the ways in which these profits are made. Yet, there is no consensus on what "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR) actually means. To improve the understanding of its …

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