Gender Equality

Uganda: A game changer for women

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Due to COVID-19, domestic tourism is moving into focus in many countries - also in Uganda. This strengthens women in the industry and promotes female empowerment.

Women first

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Women are predominant in tourism employment. But COVID-19 has revealed structural inequalities that are hitting female employees in the travel industry particularly hard.

Towards Gender Equality in Indonesian Tourism

 ‘Rinjani Women Adventure’ bieten als erste Frauen in Lombok Wandertouren an
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Tourism is a promising sector of employment for women. However, digitalization and online booking platforms bring about new gender-specific disadvantages and challenges for women in Indonesia. Platforms need to do their part to bridge the digital divide and gender gap.

Precious Human Rights

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Rika Jean-Francois is in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility at the ITB Berlin and on the Board of Directors of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association Foundation. We spoke to her about the importance of LGBTQI* tourism to countries of the Global South.

Homestays, Soap and More

Participation in tourism was the focus of a “Grassroots Summit on Tourism” in the village of Mothakkara in Wayanad district in the South Indian state of Kerala in January 2017 (cf. Mothakkara Declaration on Participation of Local Communities in Tourism). The gathering was used as an …

Safety and Security for Women in Tourism

More and more women travel, and often individually and as single women. As Julia Bühler reports, this often raises concerns with regard to their safety and security. Though there are an increasing number of tourism products that take women’s interests and needs into account, more could be …

Child Rights Impacts in Travel and Tourism

The tourism industry has huge potential to positively impact children’s rights. That the sector accounts for one in every eleven jobs is just one reason why tourism features in three of the new Sustainable Development Goals, the success of which will determine outcomes for children all …

Gender Equality through Rural Tourism in Turkey

A diversified destination with a carefully planned supply chain may give poor rural women the opportunity for a fair share of the benefits created by tourism development. Yeşil Valiz Association in Turkey works with men and women on renegotiating gender relations and prepares rural women …

Mitigating Impacts of Displacement in Sri Lanka

Tourism development along the Northern and Eastern Sri Lankan coast is characterised by increasing involvement of the military. Several cases of land grabbing and displacement have been documented. In a study published in 2015, the Swiss Society for Threatened Peoples pointed out …

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