Environmental Protection

The Tale of the Promised Land

Schild am Eingang des Limpopo National Parks, Mosambik
© Kei Otsuki

Three communities resettled outside of Limpopo National Park. However, the promise of irrigated agriculture is not fulfilled yet and severely impacts the communities' ability to produce food.

Cruise Tourism in the Caribbean

In May 2016, when Carnival Cruise’s ‘Fathom Adonia’ docked in Havana, Cuba officially became the last remaining Caribbean nation to be integrated into the region’s large-scale cruise tourism network. This modern-day cruise industry dates from the 1960s, when the three major cruise lines …

In Dash for Cash

The Maldives government is endangering coral reefs in pursuit of urbanisation and opaque mega-deals with foreign investors. After a 2016 ocean heat wave that killed 70 to 80 percent of the country’s surface corals, widespread dredging and land reclamation threatens their recovery. Under …

Mangroves under Threat

There once was a beautiful tropical island afloat in the pale blue waters of the Caribbean called Bimini, immortalized by Ernest Hemingway in his well-known novel “Islands in the Stream.” Luxuriant coral reefs and mangroves provided safe refuge for bountiful marine life including a myriad …

Assessing Tourism's Resource Use

Tourism has entered a period of “Great Acceleration” in humanity’s global environmental impact. Even if efficiency gains were substantial, these would be outpaced by arrival numbers, growth in the average distances travelled, and a trend towards greater resource use intensities in a small …

Aerotropolis developments

Aerotropolis projects are among the largest megaprojects pursued by governments and corporations. These airport centric developments destroy farmland and forests, and act as economic enclaves, fostering corporate growth and excluding host communities. All over the world, developments …

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