Pandemic Poaching

Safaripark Guards

Animal welfare activists, development workers and NGOs report that poaching is increasing again in times of pandemic lockdown. This could also be due to a lack of income from tourism.

Mangroves under Threat

There once was a beautiful tropical island afloat in the pale blue waters of the Caribbean called Bimini, immortalized by Ernest Hemingway in his well-known novel “Islands in the Stream.” Luxuriant coral reefs and mangroves provided safe refuge for bountiful marine life including a myriad …

Tourism in Ethnic Minority Areas in Myanmar

By Tulika Bansal and Vicky Bowman Myanmar is going through a “triple transition”: from a military system to democratic governance, from a centrally directed economy to a market-oriented economy, and from 60 years of conflict to peace in its border areas inhabited by different ethnic groups …

Transforming stumbling blocks into stepping stones

Benin - the small country at the Gulf of Guinea - is known as a travel destination rather among francophone travellers. With its hospitable population and its scenic, historic, and cultural treasures, Benin is one of the insiders tips for West Africa. However, the country is also …

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