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Women first

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Women are predominant in tourism employment. But COVID-19 has revealed structural inequalities that are hitting female employees in the travel industry particularly hard.

Migrant Workers in Tourism in Times of Covid-19

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In an interview with Tourism Watch, Christiane Kuptsch, migartion expert at ILO, explains why migrants working in tourism are particularly affected by the COVID-19-related drop in demand and how they could be supported.

All things legal! Human rights in tourism

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Human rights violations in tourism are commonplace. Be it through exploitative working conditions in hotels, the displacement of entire villages for the construction of airports or the sexual exploitation of children by travelers. Governments and tourism companies must fully respect, protect and guarantee human rights.

Crossing Borders to Protect Children

Every year thousands of children are exploited by tourists in poor regions. Sri Lanka, too, has been a hotspot for child sex tourism for many years, due to lax law enforcement. ECPAT Sri Lanka has been working on preventing such exploitation for over 25 years. Following destination …

Corruption in Tourism

The fight against corruption needs to play a more important role in the efforts to bring about sustainability in tourism, says Anja Schöne of Transparency International Germany. Corruption is an obstacle to development. Many big tour operators use tax havens and are associated with tax …

Safety and Security for Workers in Tourism

While tour operators usually take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and security of their customers, they usually at best commit to apply “local standards” to their local staff and service providers. As Kundri Böhmer-Bauer points out, applying double standards is unethical …

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