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Kinder am Computer
© Frank Schultze - Brot für die Welt
The Internet opens new avenues for travelling sex offenders. ‘Cyber-grooming‘ on social media enables offenders to develop contacts with children and adolescents. They win young people's trust in order to initiate sexual abuse online and may travel to meet them in person.

Voluntourism — "all Inclusive" social commitment?

spielende Schulkinder
© Marko Priske / Brot für die Welt
Helping with an aid project or teaching English - many people want to do good on holiday. More and more providers are discovering the lucrative business of travel and "helping". But often these short-term, commercial offers do more harm than good.

From Dreams to Nightmares

Bali is a heaven for millions of tourists from other countries. Hotels, restaurants and other tourist facilities are mushrooming in the southern and central regions of Bali. Many Balinese women working in this sector also engage in sexual relations with foreign tourists. Where these …

„¡La Muralla soy yo!”

“La Muralla”, Cartagena’s colonial firewall, surrounds the old town of the Caribbean metropolis in the north of Colombia. Cartagena is a world heritage site and attracts hundred thousands of tourists every year. The Spanish used the wall in the 16th century in order to protect what was of …

Good Intentions Don't Always Help

Short-term volunteering or voluntourism is a growing and profitable segment of the tourism industry. But time and again, under the disguise of supposed "help", children get exploited for sexual purposes. Some cases have been reported in the media, many more have been recorded by the police …

Crossing Borders to Protect Children

Every year thousands of children are exploited by tourists in poor regions. Sri Lanka, too, has been a hotspot for child sex tourism for many years, due to lax law enforcement. ECPAT Sri Lanka has been working on preventing such exploitation for over 25 years. Following destination …

Stolen Dignity: Childhood Experiences in an Orphanage

It is estimated that 30 to 45 percent of the 2.4 million orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya live in children’s homes or orphanages. Most of these institutions are supported by foreigners, many of them well intentioned. However, supporting institutions disrupts the family and …

Child Rights Impacts in Travel and Tourism

The tourism industry has huge potential to positively impact children’s rights. That the sector accounts for one in every eleven jobs is just one reason why tourism features in three of the new Sustainable Development Goals, the success of which will determine outcomes for children all …
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