Why we sould be ashamed when taking a flight

Leere Flugzeugsitze und Notausgang
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Flying is a luxury that only small global elites enjoy. However, it causes tremendous amounts of CO2 and severely damages our climate. It is high time for each one of us to take responsibility for our actions, recons Stefan Gössling.

India Takes Off

Indischer Flughafen
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Air travel has become an integral part of life for the upper class and parts of the growing middle class. India’s Civil Aviation Policy seeks to make flights more accessible and affordable for the less affluent.

Taxing Aviation

Flughafengebäude in Frankfurt
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Bill Hennings sheds light on the current political debate within the EU and demands action in order to drastically reduce the effects from aviation on our climate.

Aviation and Shipping: The Elephants in the Room

With high emissions, enormous growth rates and a lack of binding reduction targets, the bunkers threaten to undermine global efforts to mitigate climate change, writes Annegret Zimmermann. It is therefore more urgent than ever to address aviation and shipping at the highest level of …

Towards Climate Justice in Tourism

The effects of climate change, capacities to adapt and the positive and negative impacts of tourism are not evenly distributed. The prime victims are the poor and marginalised, they pay the price. Therefore, a differentiated approach in both tourism development and climate negotiations is …

Aerotropolis developments

Aerotropolis projects are among the largest megaprojects pursued by governments and corporations. These airport centric developments destroy farmland and forests, and act as economic enclaves, fostering corporate growth and excluding host communities. All over the world, developments …

Offsetting – "100 % inclusive"

As air travel contributes significantly to climate change, tour operators need to address the challenge of reducing the carbon footprint of their operations. As Petra Thomas reports, Forum anders reisen, a German tour operators' association for sustainable tourism, has been supporting …

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