Tourism in Tunisia two years after the revolution

Eveline Brändle-Ouertani

Since the revolution in Tunisia in January 2011, package tourism has recovered a bit. However, as Eveline Brändle-Ouertani reports, hotels, restaurants and traders are still suffering because many Europeans consider a trip to Tunisia rather unsafe. The economy, which the government had most urgently wanted to improve, is still stagnating. In order to advance democratisation, it will have to gain momentum.

To lure visitors, the tourism industry has been selling Tunisia at low prices. This may keep hotels running, but it is not a long-term solution. The Tunisian tourism ministry is trying to strengthen niche tourism. The way Tunisia is perceived in the West often does not reflect reality. Neither does the way the country is presented in the media. What Germans consider to be "new unrest" is an important sign of an ongoing process of democratisation. It shows that civil society in Tunisia is strong and that the people continue to uphold the objectives of the revolution.


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