Brazil: II. International Conference on Sustainable Tourism (ICST)

The Second International Conference on Sustainable Tourism which took place in Fortaleza, Brazil, in May 2008 brought together more than 500 participants from Brazil, other parts of Latin America, and Europe. In plenaries and workshops, they not only discussed tourism concepts and experiences, but also coined the term “community-based solidarity tourism“. The new thrust of community-based tourism as a social movement and political project is reflected in the Declaration of Fortaleza. René Schärer of “Instituto Terramar”, the NGO which organised the conference, highlights the progress that has been made since the First Conference on Sustainable Tourism five years ago. In Brazil, decision makers have now accepted the concept of community-based tourism. More than 20 community-based tourism initiatives are already operating in the country. In the Northeast, 12 communities have founded the “Community Based Tourism Network of Ceará” (Rede TUCUM).

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