No. 109: Scarce Resources in Tourism (06/2022)

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Knappe Ressourcen im Tourismus
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The current catastrophes - the Russian war on Ukraine, the climate crisis, but also still dysfunctional supply chains as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic – are leading to shortages and higher prices for resources - from basic foodstuffs to electricity and fuels. This is also affecting tourism, as its demand for resources is immense. For example food: Travellers consume about a fifth more on holiday than at home. Some of it ends up directly in the bins of hotel kitchens and restaurants, which are responsible for 12 percent of global food waste. In addition, energy consumption on holidays is significantly higher than at home - heated pools or air conditioners, as in our article on India add to the bill. Not even to mention the fuel demand for travel mobility.

However, savings are possible at all ends - high time to cover the potentials! In this Tourism Watch issue, an executive chef from Thailand tells us how he fights food waste. In Latin America, we learn how the rise in the prices of imported products is supporting the return to local cooking traditions. A look to South Africa shows us, that more political guidance - also via pricing - would help to achieve lasting improvements in water conservation.

The current scarcity of resources is existential for many people worldwide. Regions in Africa and Asia are heading to terrible famines. For tourism, however, this situation offers the opportunity to reduce its own resource footprint - and more! Traditional, cooling architecture and the use of local food create more value locally and in the end even a more authentic experience for guests.

On our own behalf, we would like to introduce Emma Saavedra today. Since the beginning of this year, she is supporting the work of the Economy and Sustainability Desk of Bread for the World, where also Tourism Watch is located. Emma lives in Cottbus and comes from Bolivia, where she worked for many years in the field of agriculture and gender. The Latin America article in this issue is her successful debut. Welcome to the team, dear Emma.

For the upcoming summer, we wish you a good, healthy and inspiring time. If you are planning a holiday, be mindful of resources while travelling.

Scarce Resources in Tourism

Increasing Food Prices in Latin America

© Florian Kopp_Brot für die Welt

Increasing food prices – also in consequence of the Russian War on Ukraine - are felt in Latin America – with new challenges for the tourism sector.

South Africa: Water Consumption in Tourism

Dürre im Südlichen Afrika
© Karin Schermbrucker

The holiday paradise of South Africa beckons with pools, golf courses and wellness. But the country fails in supplying its population with sufficient water. A problem - also for the future viability of tourism.

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