Online-Symposium: Human Rights and Climate Change

The Benefits of Linking Both Agendas in Tourism

Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism

This online event offers inputs around a human-rights-based approach to climate action in tourism through practical steps and shared experiences. We will elaborate on tangible ideas and how to combine both strategies, by

- Understanding the link:
The linkages between climate protection and human rights are multifaceted and undeniable. We show you the overlaps and connections, explain why this is relevant and what it means for the tourism industry.

- Showing Benefits and Approaches:
We will discuss why tourism businesses should integrate human rights into climate change-related actions. We will build the business case by showing how they benefit from combining and aligning both discourses.
We will assess what effective climate actions are and discuss practical approaches companies can take to integrate human rights due diligence on business and destination level in their climate action plans.

- Joining forces:
We want to initiate joined-up discussions and interlink business, human rights and climate action through our collective expertise. We also see this event as an opportunity for exchanging knowledge and ideas regarding approaches, existing resources, good practices and ways of collaboration. The aim is to gather hands-on ideas and inspiration on how to unite both agendas for comprehensive business action.


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