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Tourism is an important bridge between people in Europe and people in developing countries. But people who travel to developing countries are not necessarily helping the population. It is often only foreign entrepreneurs who benefit - with enormous hotel complexes and theme parks that harm the environment.

Tourism can contribute to development if locals benefit from the income generated by tourism and the conservation of nature, tradition and culture having priority over economic interests. This is possible if the tourism infrastructure is integrated in regional economic processes and involves local traders.

Bread for the World - Church Development Service and ecumenical partners are committed to sustainable, socially responsible and environmentally sound tourism.

TourismWatch is a quarterly newsletter that provides reports and background information about tourism in developing countries. 

On this page we present abstracts of the main articles of TourismWatch information service.

The focuses of Bread for the World - Tourism Watch are:

  • Raising tourists' awareness for responsible travel oriented towards encounters
  • Providing training for church travel offers
  • Getting involved in human rights and social standards
  • Dialogue with the tourism industry
  • Funding alternatives in tourism
  • Cooperating with the media and political decision makers
  • Publishing the "TourismWatch" information service (in German)

The team:

Antje Monshausen
Senior Policy Advisor and Head of the desk Tourism Watch


Laura Jäger
Project Officer Tourism and Development


Christina Kamp
Editor of the newsletter TourismWatch



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